Manufacturers of leakproof sample collectors and premium quality pharmaceutical / nutraceutical bottles


Sample Collection and Transportation

  • StarCLICK 100™, Leakbuster™ and Leakbuster™ 3 Containers for specimen collection and transport
  • Starswabs II® Systems for bacteriology collection and transport
  • Multitrans Transport Media for Viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma
  • Histoplex™ Containers for storage and transport for cytology specimens
  • Sanicult Systems for environmental sample collection and transport
  • Dip ‘N Count® Media dip paddles for clinical screening
  • VersaTube™ Digestion tube for processing and analysis

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Bottles

  • Pharmaceutical Rounds
  • Boston Rounds
  • Starline Rounds
  • Oblongs
  • Squares
  • Cylinders 



Starplex Scientific Inc. is dedicated to the development of innovative, premium quality disposables; providing reliable specimen transportation for many facets of the health care industry. Focused on and responsive to the needs of the customer, Starplex strives to anticipate the evolving market requirements and work co-operatively with customers to implement unique, effective solutions. Starplex is privileged to supply literally thousands of hospitals, laboratories and health care facilities with the complete range of Starplex products.


Starplex was founded in 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, specializing in specimen collection containers and swab kits. The company created the Mediplast HDPE packer line for generic drugs and nutraceuticals in 2005, and Starplex expanded to Tennessee in 2008 to service the U.S. market with bottles and diagnostic products. Over 40-plus years we have become a trusted supplier of sample collection and transportation products for both the clinical and industrial markets for the Starplex branded products, and the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets for the Mediplast branded products. The Starplex brand was acquired by and adopted as Pretium’s Healthcare brand in 2019.


As a proud brand of Pretium, Starplex continues to innovate within the specimen collection and transportation industry. To learn more about Pretium Packaging and our full portfolio of products, please visit



To download copies of our certifications for our Canadian and US facilities, please click on the document titles below:

Pretium Canada Packaging_201266_CTC_MDSAP Cert
FDA IMS 2022-2023 Certificate
FSSC v 5 Food Pretium Canada Certificate
Pretium Canada Packaging_201266_CTC_ISO 13485 Cert issue 3

ISO 13485 – 2016 UKAS 


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