Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Starplex manufactures a comprehensive range of products for a variety of industry sectors.

Health Care

Used for clinical specimen collection and transportation.
Used by Hospitals, Doctor's Offices, Clinics, Reference Laboratories, Private Laboratories.

The Health Care sector utilizes our complete product range:

Environmental / Industrial

Used for mold and bacteria, chemical testing, cosmetics, metals, air and water quality testing.
Used by Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Testing Labs, Private Labs, Commercial Labs.

Food and Beverage

Used for hygiene monitoring In the process of food and beverage preparation, processing and packaging.
Used by Food Processing/Packaging Plants, Abbatoires, Bakeries, Food Safety Agencies.


Used for the collection and transportation of bacteriological specimens.
Used by Veterinary Clinics, Veterinary Laboratories, Horse Farms, Dairy/Poultry Farms.

Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical

Used for packaging a range of pharmaceuticals, tablets, vitamins and dietary supplements.
Used by Pharmaceutical Packaging Companies, Nutraceutical Packaging Companies, Custom Packaging.