Starplex Scientific: VersaTube™


An Innovative solution for metals digestion.

A unique, patented tube with attached cap - simplifying digestion analysis and saving you money! This versatile, disposable tube can also be used for other sample collection, storage and experimental purposes.

Innovative, patented design

  • Unique, integrated cap and vial
  • Ability to vent samples with the hinged cap; no watch glass required
  • Statements of Accuracy (Class A) and Metals Screening included in each case
  • Heat resistant polypropylene homopolymer
  • Etched cap surface for writing
  • Compatible with most digestion blocks
  • Cap closed when received; no contamination concerns

For a full collection, transport and processing solution, try our LB3 product.

  • Collect your sample with our tamper evident Leakbuster™ 3 sterile container
  • And then process your sample with the VersaTube™; no need to purchase transport caps or watch glass as separate components

VersaTube™ Product Demonstration

Watch the VersaTube™ product demonstration on YouTube
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Cap closes securely and can be locked down with the snap tab.

Etched, flat cap surface provides surface for labeling identification. Clear 50ml fill line.

Cap can easily be torn away to remove. Can be positioned to remain at the correct venting angle.
Product Code
Disgestion Tube
VersaTube™ integrated digestion tube and cap
500/bag, 1 bag/case