Custom Plastic Solutions

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O.E.M. Opportunities

Are you a small pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology or related company, looking for a solution on how best to get your new product to market? Maybe it's a unique delivery mechanism or collection device... we can help.

Let our team work with you - from concept to full production. With our SPEED, QUALITY and EXPERIENCE we can make it happen.

Custom Plastic Solutions

Our Approach

Our Approach: Concept, Design, Rapid Prototyping, Samples & Testing, Finished Product & Production


Our OEM team is flexible and can work with products from a wide array of markets including medical device, life science and pharmaceutical. Whether for delivery of a new drug or collection of a sample in a unique way, our team can help navigate you through the development process. Use our expertise to the level you need, we are here for you. Our capabilities can start at the concept stage and can take you through to full scale production of a final, market-ready product - right here in North America!

ISO 13485 and FDA Registered. PACsecure certified.

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